Leskes Group, Department Retreat: Netanya, April 2019

Shira gave a talk about her work, we had fun in an origami workshop and went for wine tasting!

Asya gave a talk about the effects of conductivity on the DNP process at the Israel Chemical Soceity, Tel Aviv, February 2019

Tamar recieved the Perlman grant for students-initaited research, good job! WIS, February 2019 

Adi successfully passed her MSc defense! congratulations Adi! WIS, November 2018

Asya, Adi and Tamar presenting their work at the Israeli Magnetic Resonance meeting, Bar Ilan University, October 2018  

Organizing the happy hour of Perlman Building, August 2018

Organized by (left to right): Yehuda, Adi, Asya, Badour and Tamar

Waffel batteries and marshmallow spins

Group trip to Jerusalem and the Sataf, February 2018

Farewell lunch with Prof. Prabeer Barpanda (IISc Bangalore, India) and summer student Roman Kapaev, August 2017

Prof. Kimberly See visiting Weizmann Institute, May 2017

Our DNP-NMR lab is up and running! Installation April-May 2017


Leskes Group, Department Retreat: Ramot, sunset at the Sea of Galilee, April 2017

Department Retreat 2017: Ramot, sunset at the Sea of Galilee (Michal Leskes, Shira Haber, Asya Svirinovsky, Nir Goldin)