I am a faculty member in the computer science department at the Weizmann Institute. Prior to joining Weizmann, I was part of the distributed computing group of Prof. Nancy Lynch as a postdoctoral fellow at CSAIL, MIT. For my PhD studies, I was extremely fortunate to have Prof. David Peleg as my advisor also in Weizmann. 

I'm interested in several aspects of theoretical computer science, and in particular: fault tolerant graph structures, spanners, theory of distributed systems and the topology of wireless networks. 

I also enjoy the opportunity to branch out and deepen the connections between distributed computing and other areas such as biology. Recently, in Nancy's group, we are studying neural networks from a distributed computing point of view. See our new [paper] and a follow-up article in [MIT News]


Program committees:  PODC 2018,  BDA 2017 ,ICALP 2017PODC 2017IPDPS 2017ICDCN 2016SSS 2016SIROCCO 2016, PODC 2016, SPAA 2016, and ALGOSENSOR 2015.


Teaching Assistance: Advanced Algorithm Winter 2012


Scientific Activities:  Check our collaborative interviews on science and technology [Abstract Talk].