Research Projects

Tens of thousands of microbial genomes were sequenced to date, each of which containing ~3000 genes on average. But having the genome sequence alone does not mean that we understand the biology of an organism: about 40% of all genes in every newly sequenced species are of unknown function. Among the thousands of sequenced microbial genomes, millions of sequenced genes are so far uncharacterized.

Our lab is committed to develop innovative approaches that would allow elucidation of the novel biological functions "hiding" within uncharacterized genes. Current research directions in the lab include:

CRISPR, an antiviral microbial defense system

new antiviral systens
New antiviral defense systems in bacteria

novel natural antibiotics
Computational discovery of
novel natural antibiotics

microbial transcriptomics
Whole genome and transcriptome sequencing with Illumina technology