Academic Affairs Office

The Academic Affairs Office (AAO) and the Research Grants and Projects (RGP) Office together comprise the Directorate for Research and Academic Affairs:

The Directorate is headed by the Academic Secretary, Dr. Boaz Avron, who is directly subordinate to the President. The Academic Secretary carries the overall responsibility for the proper functioning and administration of the Offices included in the Directorate.

Academic Affairs Office
Esti Krieger, Head

The Academic Affairs Office assists the Academic Secretary in the performance of his duties.

The Office’s principle responsibilities include the administration and follow-up of:

  1. Academic Grants (“Hakdashat Zman Malle” and “Kriteryonim”) allocations.
  2. Appointments and extensions of:
    1. Academic Administration:
      1. Deans, Department heads, Institute heads and Center heads.
      2. Membership of internal academic committees.
    2. Positions (non-tenure track): Academic Consultants, Interns, Senior Interns and Teachers.
    3. Tenure Track (pre-tenure): Academic Staff
      [i.e., scientific personnel (Professorial Tenure Track) as well as Staff Scientists].
  3. Conference support: Goldschleger Conference Foundation, the Conferences and Schools Support Program (WIS-CSP) and the Ernst Levy Guggenheimer Swiss-Israeli Symposium (ELSIS).
  4. Council of Professors and its sub-committees [i.e. Appointment and Promotions Committee - Professorial Ranks (V12); Appointment and Promotions Committee – Senior Research Fellow (V5)].
  5. Current Research Activities publication.
  6. Disclosures of Academic Staff (annually).
  7. Extension of Service Committee.
  8. Immigrants Funding Support.
  9. Life Sciences Faculties’ Professorial Tenure Track Committees (LSV9 and LSV7).
  10. President’s Advisory Committee (PAC).
  11. Prizes:  the Kimmel (Helen and Martin) Prize, the Clore (Sir Charles) Prize, the Lombroso (Sergio) Award in Cancer Research.
  12. Regulations pertaining to academic life at the Institute.
  13. Scientific Academic Advisory Committees (SAAC) reviews.
  14. Scientific Council and its sub-committees [e.g. Appointments and Promotions Committee (V9); Research Services and Administration Committee; Staff Scientists Appointments and Promotions Committee; Steering Committee].
  15. Staff Scientists’ Tenure Committee.
  16. Visiting Scientists (Funding Programs): Visiting Professors Programs and Feinberg Foundation Visiting Faculty Program.
  17. Weizmann Lectures Series.

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