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Gilad Perez, Prof.

Dept. of Particle Physics & Astrophysics,

Faculty of Physics,

Weizmann Institute

76100 Rehovot


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Current Research Interests


The LHC discovery of the Higgs boson, with a light mass and couplings consistent with the Standard Model (SM) prediction, reinforces the fine tuning problem. Within the SM the Higgs mass is radiatively unstable and implies that it has arbitrary sensitivity to microscopic dynamics. A simple possibility to stabilize the Higgs mass and the electroweak scale in a controlled manner is to add new fields to SM, with the same gauge quantum numbers as the SM fields, such that the contributions of the new fields/dynamics (or simply new physics) to the Higgs mass eliminate the UV sensitivity. I am involved in study of signatures through which new physics may reveal itself and help to solve the above. Another aspects of my studies is related to that of flavor physics and its interplay with Higgs and fine tuning physics. 

Cosmological-observation raised additional puzzles: What can induce the matter-anti-matter asymmetry of our Universe? What is the source of dark matter and energy? We explore experimental and theoretical methods to improve our knowledge regarding these issues. More recently I have been also involved in using the precision frontier of atomic physics in order to search for new type of fundamental interactions.



See an updated list of my publications here .  



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Weekly Meeting.

Joint seminars.


Students- Abhishek Banerjee, Oz Davidi, Inbar Savoray, Aviv Shalit.

Postdocs- Josh Eby, Claudia Frugiuele, Elina Fuchs, Hyungjin Kim, Diego Redigolo (joint), Rick Sandeepan, Matthias Schlaffer.

Past students- Reuven Balkin, Rinon Gal, Yochay Eshel, Racheli Lazar (cosupervised), Nir Schenkler (MSc); Oram Gedalia, Yotam Soreq (PhD).

Past postdocs- Mihailo Backovic, Cedric Delaunay, Diptimoy Ghosh, Rick S. Gupta, Jose Juknevich, Yevgeny Katz, Seung. J. Lee, Emmanuel Stammou, Tobioka Kohasaku.

See also: Postdoc position opening.


Weizmann-Physics-Faculty high-school seminar for excellent students.


Awards, Honors:

Gruber Young Scientists Award;

IPS prize for young scientists.


Chair board of studies, physics school, FGS, webpage .


Current support: BSF, ERC, ISF, Minerva and Weizmann-UK Making Connections.



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