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We are looking for team members to perform groundbreaking research at all levels.

Fully funded positions are available!



We have openings for postdocs in several projects.

We are looking for “lab magicians” scientists who are fluent with lab work and are fearless about learning and inventing novel techniques. We are also looking for computational biologists seeking to crack the code of some of the most fundamental processes that drive living systems. 

Relevant background and skills include: Molecular biology, DNA biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnological engineering, SELEX, microarray printing, in vitro and in vivo protein-DNA interaction methods, Illumina and nanopore sequencing, protein purification, structural biology techniques, genetics, and genomics.

The relevant computational background includes programming and Molecular dynamic simulations. 

We have some projects that involve biotechnological engineering challenges, so physicist chemists and engineers who like to face these highly promising challenges are also encouraged to apply.

We also encourage curious candidates from different backgrounds to apply; as we believe in doing fantastic multidisciplinary science and we are engage in many collaborative projects. 


MSc./Ph.D.:We are looking for motivated graduate students who are excited about understanding the fundamental biophysical mechanisms of life and deseases. Previous background in molecular biology or programming skills are advantage.


To apply, e-mail CV and a cover letter to