Lab News

2/2023          Ariel's paper is accepted to PNAS. UV irradiation remodels the specificity landscape of transcription factors

2/2023          Ariel is an invited speaker at the 10th ILANIT conference in Eilat, Israel. 

2/2023          Ariel speaks at the 7th Nucleic Acids Conference, Cancun, Mexico.

2/2023          Ariel is an invited speaker at the MRC Human Genetics Unit Seminar, Edinburgh, Scotland.

12/22             Ariel's Nature paper (Afek, A. et al. Nature 587, 291–296 (2020)) was described as a "Fundamental Discovery" in

11/2022         Ariel speaks at ‘Specificity Determinants of Biomolecular Interactions’, Weizmann Institute, Israel

11/2022         Ariel wins Alon Fellowship for outstanding young faculty.

11/2022         Chen is joining the lab.

10/2022        Ariel organizes and speaks at ‘Protein-DNA Interactions: from Biophysics to Cell Biology’, Weizmann Institute, Israel

9/2022          The renovation of the permanent lab starts!

9/2022          Our first Ph.D. students join the lab. Welcome Iry and Yumi.

8/2022          Ariel is invited to speak at the Gordon Research Conference, USA. ‘DNA Topoisomerases in Biology and Medicine’

8/2022         Artemy is joining the lab.

7/2022          Our research grant proposal on ‘High-throughput investigation of the protein-DNA recognition code using mismatched, bulged and nicked DNA  was founded by the ISF (Israel Science Foundation) grant.

7/2022          Our first MSc students join the lab. Welcome Noga L., Noga C., and Tamir.

4/2022         Our collaboration with Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates was funded.

4/2022          Naama is joining the lab.

3/2022          Frist successful "on-chip" protein-DNA binding experiment in the lab. Many more will come.

12/2021         Vered is joining the lab.

9/2021          Ariel arrives as a new faculty member (Assistant Professor) to the Department of Chemical and Structural Biology in the Weizmann Institute of Science.