The weather and climate on Earth are mostly controlled by the large-scale flow in the atmosphere and ocean. Thus, to improve our preparedness for future human-induced climate change it is critical to understand the physical mechanisms underlying the impacts of human and natural activities on the large-scale flow. To investigate this we use theoretical understanding of the large-scale climate dynamics and thermodynamics states and examine observations and state-of-the-art climate models in historic and future periods.


Current research projects:

  • The role of ocean processes in the large-scale climate response to anthropogenic emissions
  • Human-induced large-scale flow changes in recent decades
  • Time and scale dependent future changes in the mid-latitude climate
  • The effects of natural forcings on human-caused large-scale changes
  • Reversibility in the large-scale flow in response to CO2 forcing


Open positions for graduate students and postdocs with background in atmospheric and oceanic sciences/physics/mathematics