Research in the department EPS includes both experimental/field and theoretical studies focused on understanding the complex inter-relationships among the major Earth systems, as well as other planets. Scientists in the department have expertise in a range of Earth science and planetary science disciplines, including climate dynamics, hydrology, soil-water environments, oceanic circulation, paleoceanography and the study of past climatic patterns, plant-environment interactions, atmospheric chemistry, cloud dynamics, earth system dynamics, geochemistry and geophysics. These disciplines, and topics studied in each one of them, are ultimately integrated as a means to understand and predict local, regional and global changes. A key objective is to develop scientific activities that explore the critical interfaces coupling the Earth systems. These include the biosphere-atmosphere, ocean-atmosphere, ocean-sediment, and atmosphere-land surface-soil-groundwater interfaces.




 In memory of our dear friend, Prof. Jacob Karni, who passed away on April 30, 21.

Jacob was a renowned researcher in the field of alternative energy research.
He has made great and important contributions to basic and applied research,
and developed innovative methods for focusing and storing solar energy.

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