Research in the Ecophysiology group at the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences focuses on Biosphere-atmosphere interactions across scales and environmental conditions. Our goal is to understand the processes underlying the response of ecosystems in dry climates to local and global change, and how this interacts with other ecosystems and climates in shaping the activities of the terrestrial biosphere.

Our work includes laboratory experiments at the leaf scale and soil patch; field work in a permanent research site in semi-arid forest and a dynamic mobile lab that combines field and lab work in different locations; and modeling at the ecosystem and global scales. We use eddy covariance and multi tracers approach that include stable isotopes of carbon (13C) and oxygen (18O), and novel tracers such as carbonyl sulfide (COS) using state of the art methodologies. We strive to maintain a lively multinational, multidisciplinary research team that enjoys hands-on research that includes work outside the walls of the laboratory.


Prof. Dan Yakir’s research is supported by the Cathy Wills and Robert Lewis Program in  Environmental Science.