The Yatir Forest - Graphs and Data

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The Yatir site is a semi-arid forest, unique among the forest flux measurements sites in the global FluxNet system: it has annual mean global radiation of about 7.5 GJ m-2 y-1, annual rain-fall of 285 mm and an annual mean temperature of 18.2 °C. The flux of latent heat of evaporation (LE) is limited, and compensated for by a massive sensible heat flux (H).

Long-Term Climatic Measurments:


Weekly mean values of climatic parameters in Yatir: (a) Precipitation anomaly; (b) Evapotranspiration flux; (c) Soil water content (SWC) at depths 0-30 cm and 70 cm; (d) Air temperature; (e) Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) (f) Vapor pressure deficit (VPD). Note that panel d to e report daytime values only. 


Yatir energy budget: Average net radiation QS, sensible heat flux Qand latent heat flux Qat (a) the desert site and (b) the forest site between 22 August and 11 September 2013. Theshaded areas indicate the standard deviation.