Crystal Engineering

How the molecular components, metal salts and experimental conditions control the dimensions, shapes, chirality and homogeneity of these materials is barely known. Using achiral ligands that binds late-transition metals in a defined manner, we address issues related to the mechanism underlying the formation of unusual and chiral structures.

Surface Chemistry

We design and study supramolecular coordination polymers at surfaces that behave like supercapacitors, diodes, or exhibit electrochromic and charge-trapping behavior.Ut eleifend augue nec lacus semper cursus. Nunc iaculis purus scelerisque lorem pharetra, sit amet sollicitudin leo blandit.

Halogen Bonding

Enabling and understanding new methodologies to fabricate molecular assemblies driven by intermolecular interactions is fundamental in chemistry. Such forces can be used to control crystal growth and enable surface-confinement of these materials, which remains challenging.