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Weizmann Wonder Wander: Cracking Non-Classical Crystal Formation: Some crystals do not come together as predicted. New research explains why. 16.06.2020

Tomography using cryo-STEM images of a tiny ferritin crystal



Weizmann Wonder Wander: Step-by-Step Crystallization Shows Organic Crystals’ Amorphous Side. 19.11.2018

The findings may be relevant to drug production, solar cells, cell phones and TV displays, among other things.


Weizmann Wonder Wander: Take Organic Dye, Add Carbon Nanotubes, Stir: A simple method of producing conductive nanomaterials may have uses from spacesuits to optoelectronics. 07.05.2018

Hybrid nanocomposite viewed with an electron microscope: Carbon nanotubes (thin threads), separated from one another, coil around rod-like organic dye nanocrystals


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