Primers-4-Yeast allows users to design primers for gene targeting of PCR-based transformation cassettes into S. cerevisiae, and for validation of correct insertion.

Gene/ORF list input

Paste a list of target Gene names and/or Open Reading Frames (ORFs) separated by line breaks (<Enter>),or use the search  field on the right to find and insert entries one-by-one.

The list can include a mixture of ORF and gene names. Duplicates will be removed from results.

Gene name is the standard name, e.g. TFC3. ORF is the systematic name, e.g. YAL001C.


Please notice that while the size of the gene list is not limited, inputs of large sets (>500 entries) will result in long processing time of up to a few minutes.

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Design primers for custom plasmids

If a custom plasmid not represented in Primers-4-Yeast is required, users should input the plasmid name and cassette amplification sequences (forward and reverse primer sequences), and select the gene targeting types. Primers-4-Yeast will design primers for amplification of the cassette from the custom plasmid, and their insertion into each ORF from the input list, based on the targeting type.