Graduate students


Ms. Stephanie Bismut - Teachers as designers


Ms. Rachel Eidelman - Self regulated learning in an online virtual chemistry class

Mr. Emil Eiding - Socio-scientific issues and informal argumentation

Mr. Dadi Marom - PhD student – Green chemistry, digital texts and thinking skills. In collaboration with Prof. Dori, Technion

Ms. Neta Avraham - Green PhD student – Environmental Chemistry education

Mr. Emil Eidin - Msc student (with Dr. Mamlok-Naaman, Weizmann Institute) – Promoting critical thinking and understanding of NOS (Nature of Science) of high-school students

Dr. Yamit Saraabi-Naor (Postdoctoral fellow) - investigating students' motivation to learn chemistry

Ms. Hend Basheer – Msc. (with Dr. David Fortus, Weizmann Institute). Topic: Characterizing and Developing Middle School Students' DGOA (Data Gathering, Organization, and Analysis) Skills During Science Labs