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Bringing the lab to the hospital

Prof. Maya Schuldiner's group makes a visit to Kaplan Medical Center


Date: April 30, 2020
Weizmann Magazine Vol. 17

Scientists from the Department of Molecular Genetics visited patients in the pediatrics unit at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot to teach a bit of science and conduct a few simple experiments. The visit was initiated by Michal Eisenberg, a PhD student in Prof. Maya Schuldiner’s lab.

“Our purpose was to generate enthusiasm for science among the young patients, and to allow them to step away from the difficulty of their illnesses and the hospital routine for a moment,” says Prof. Schuldiner. “We witness the kids’ involvement and curiosity around science and it always moves us.” She hopes the partnership with Kaplan will continue.

Prof. Amnon Zung, Head of Pediatrics at Kaplan, says that the partnership with Weizmann is welcome, and the experiments with Weizmann scientists offer a meaningful and stimulating experience for the patients. “We are happy to be the first hospital to have such a partnership with the Weizmann Institute, and no doubt that the geographic proximity between our two institutions, focused on health and science in Rehovot, can lead to additional partnerships in the future.”

In a particularly special moment, Prof. Zung met his daughter, MSc student Naama Zung, who was part of the Weizmann group, for a big hug and kiss.