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Rising to the top


Date: August 18, 2022

Prof. Jacob Hanna from the Department of Molecular Genetics continues to earn worldwide recognition for his   groundbreaking research in embryonic stem cell biology. In addition to being named the world’s top thinker of 2021 by Prospect magazine, for developing a process to grow mouse embryos outside of the uterus for six days (by which time the embryos had well-defined body structure and visible organs), his research was also listed among Science’s 2021 Breakthroughs of the Year.

The method he and his team created will give scientists an unprecedented tool for understanding the development program encoded in genes, and may provide detailed insight into birth and developmental defects, including those involved in embryo implantation.


Prof. Jacob Hanna is supported by:

- Helen and Martin Kimmel Institute for Stem Cell Research

-  Ilana and Pascal Mantoux

-  Dr. Beth Rom-Rymer Stem Cell Research Fund

-  Dr. Barry Sherman Institute for Medicinal Chemistry