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Science on Tap

This year's events will ring in the Weizmann Institute's 70th anniversary


Date: March 18, 2019

The annual Science on Tap event, initiated and operated by Yivsam Azgad and the Department of Media Relations, continues to quench a citywide thirst for knowledge from the barstools of Tel Aviv. This year, the spring event will highlight the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Weizmann Institute.

Every spring, dozens of top scientists and students from the Weizmann Institute take to the pubs of the White City to address a wide range of open scientific questions like “Why do humans have noses?” or “How can planting forests be both beneficial and harmful to the global climate?”

Launched by the Weizmann Institute in 2011, this unique evening get-together aims to generate a sense of adventure and excitement for science among members of the public, exposing participants to pioneering research and ideas. At these free, informal talks, the scientists discuss their work in layman’s terms and invite guests to ask questions and spark discussions.
Science on Tap has attracted a growing number of participants and inspired copycat events in a dozen locations worldwide. In Israel, its success has also inspired a trend of public lectures on a wide variety of educational subjects, often hosted at bars and other recreational venues.