Right Hear is a spatial orientation solution for people who are blind or visually impaired

The system is designed to help the blind and visually impaired to better orient themselves on the Weizmann campus. Right Hear operates through a smartphone app. The advanced system:

  • Receives information about the buildings and other locations while walking around the Institute campus.
  • Gives 360° positioning – direct your smartphone to the desired direction.
  • Provides information and alerts about obstacles on the route.
  • Can request assistance.


Where is the system installed?

The system is currently installed on:

  • The main route through the Institute: Ziv Boulevard to the Feinberg Graduate School.
  • Feinberg Graduate School
  • Wix Hall
  • Clore Garden of Science

How it works

  1. Install the Right Hear app on your smartphone. iPhone download | Android download
  2. Android OS require additional plugins to be installed. Specific explanations can be found in this short video
  3. Launch the application. Bluetooth must be activated.
  4. When in range of a sensor, a touch compass opens on the smartphone screen. The app causes the phone to vibrate and provides audio signals from the nearest sensor.
  5. Tap the center of the screen – an audio message about the sensor location will play.
  6. Tap the touch compass – an audio message will provide information about additional locations within the 360°, if any. Directions to these locations will be provided if requested.
  7. Tap the bottom of the smartphone screen – sends a “call for help.”