Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky
Head, Center for Learning, Memory & Cognition - Weizmann Institute. Kimmel Investigator.
B.Sc: Physics, Ph.D: Neural Computation, Neurophysiology


Dr. Liora Las
Dr. Liora Las
Staff Scientist
B.Sc: Biology, Ph.D: Neural Computation, Neurophysiology
 Avishag Tuval, DVM
Avishag Tuval, DVM
Dr. Saikat Ray
B.Sc: Electrical Engineering, Ph.D: Neuroscience
Gily Ginosar
Ph.D student
B.Sc in Physics and Cognition
Tamir Eliav
Ph.D student
B.Sc in Mathematics
Ayelet Sarel
Ph.D student
B.Sc in Biology and Psychology
Shir Maimon
Ph.D student
B.Sc in Physics and Electrical Engineering
Shaked Palgi
Ph.D student
B.Sc in Biology and Linguistics with emphasis on Neuroscience
Itay Yona
M.Sc student
B.Sc in Computer Science


Name Background
Dr. Yossi Yovel Postdoc | 2008 - 2010 Physics, Biology Currently Full Professor, Tel Aviv University -        studying the neuro-ecology of bats.  
Dr. Mariana Melcón Postdoc | 2008 - 2010 Biology Head of Data Science, Fundacion Cethus.
Dr. Dori Derdikman Postdoc | 2010 - 2011 Physics, Mathematics Currently Associate Professor, the Technion -       studying the hippocampal formation of rodents.
Dr. Wairimu Gatome Postdoc | 2010 - 2011 Biology Currently: Research Veterinarian, University of Cambridge
Dr. Inbar Saraf-Sinik Postdoc | 2012 - 2013 Biology Currently Staff Scientist, Weizmann Institute -       studying active-sensing and prefrontal ctx in rodents.
Dr. David Omer Postdoc | 2014 - 2019 Medical Sciences, Neuroscience Currently Assistant Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (ELSC) - studying spatial and social neuroscience in marmosets.
Dr. Johnatan (Yonatan) Aljadeff Postdoc | 2019-2020 Physics, Theoretical Neuroscience Currently Assistant Professor, UCSD -                       studying theoretical and computational neuroscience.
Dr. Michael Yartsev Ph.D. | 2008 - 2012 Biomed. Engineering Currently Associate Professor, UC Berkeley -        studying the neurobiology of vocal learning in bats.
Dr. Alon Rubin Ph.D. | 2009 - 2013 Physics, Cognition Currently Staff Scientist, Weizmann Institute -       studying the neural basis of memory in rodents.      
Dr. Arseny Finkelstein Ph.D | 2010 - 2016 Biology Currently Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv Univ. -        neural codes for learning and memory in mice.
Dr. Maya Geva-Sagiv Ph.D | 2009 - 2016 Electrical Engineering
Dan Blum M.Sc | 2016 - 2018 Biology, Psychology
Prof. Etan Markus Professor | 2010 On sabbatical from U. Conn.
Prof. Jean-Marc Fellous Professor | 2012 , 2013 On sabbatical from U. Arizona
Prof. Jonathan Fritz Professor | 2012 On sabbatical from U. Maryland
Sharon Kaufman Bat Trainer | 2011 - 2015 Biology, Art
Ohad Gobi Bat Trainer | 2015 - 2016 Electronics