Systems Neuroscience Journal Club (2011-2012)

Organizers: Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky, Dr. Rony Paz, Michael Yartsev

Aim: Our aim is to keep up-to-date with new and exciting papers in Systems Neuroscience, published in high impact journals, with particular emphasis to papers using Neurophysiology, Imaging and Optogenetics methods in vivo.

Participants: The Journal Club welcomes all students, postdocs and faculty members wishing to discuss recent innovative research in the field of Systems Neuroscience.

Where and When: We will be meeting every Monday at 11:00, in the Departmental seminar room (Benoziyo 113) of the Department of Neurobiology.

Below is the list of available dates. Students and faculty members interested in presenting a paper at the Journal Club should send their choice of date to: Michael Yartsev (

Date Paper Presenter
31/10/2011 Differential connectivity and response dynamics of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in visual cortex. Sonja B Hofer, Ho Ko, Bruno Pichler, Joshua Vogelstein, Hana Ros, Hongkui Zeng, Ed Lein, Nicholas A Lesica & Thomas D Mrsic-Flogel. Nature Neuroscience, August 2011 Ilan Lampl
07/11/2011 Theta-paced flickering between place-cell maps in the hippocampus. Karel Jezek, Espen J. Henriksen, Alessandro Treves, Edvard I. Moser & May-Britt Moser. Nature, October 2011 Alon Rubin
14/11/2011 No meeting - SfN   
21/11/2011 Cerebellum Shapes Hippocampal Spatial Code. Christelle Rochefort, Arnaud Arabo, Marion André, Bruno Poucet, Etienne Save, Laure Rondi-Reig.  Science, October 2011 Maya Geva
28/11/2011 No meeting - SfN 2011 Debrief Everyone
05/12/2011 Integrating What and When Across the Primate Medial Temporal Lobe. Yuji Naya and Wendy A. Suzuki. Science, August 2011 Federico Stella (SISSA, It.)
12/12/2011 No meeting - ISFN  
19/12/2011 Human Substantia Nigra Neurons Encode Unexpected Financial Rewards. Kareem A. Zaghloul, Justin A. Blanco, Christoph T. Weidemann, Kathryn McGill, Jurg L. Jaggi, Gordon H. Baltuch, Michael J. Kahana. Science, March 2009 Bailu Si (SISSA, It.)
26/12/2011 A disinhibitory microcircuit for associative fear learning in the auditory cortex. Johannes J. Letzkus, Steffen B. E. Wolff, Elisabeth M. M. Meyer, Philip Tovote, Julien Courtin, Cyril Herry & Andreas Lüthi. Nature, December 2011 Eyal Cohen
02/01/2012 Dynamic reorganization of striatal circuits during the acquisition and consolidation of a skill. Henry H Yin, Shweta Prasad Mulcare, Monica R F Hilário, Emily Clouse, Terrell Holloway, Margaret I Davis, Anita C Hansson, David M Lovinger & Rui M Costa. Nature Neuroscience, February 2009 Yadin Dudai
09/01/2012 Attention But Not Awareness Modulates the BOLD Signal in the Human V1 During Binocular Suppression. Masataka Watanabe, Kang Cheng, Yusuke Murayama, Kenichi Ueno, Takeshi Asamizuya, Keiji Tanaka, Nikos Logothetis. Science, November 2011 Rafi Malach
16/01/2012 A 4 Hz Oscillation Adaptively Synchronizes Prefrontal, VTA, and Hippocampal Activities. Fujisawa, S & Buzsáki, G. Neuron, October 2011 Arseny Finkelstein
23/01/2012 Perceptual Learning Incepted by Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback Without Stimulus Presentation. Kazuhisa Shibata, Takeo Watanabe, Yuka Sasaki, Mitsuo Kawato. Science, December 2011 Avi Menedelsohn
30/01/2012 Neuronal basis of sequential foraging decisions in a patchy environment. Benjamin Y Hayden, John M Pearson & Michael L Platt. Nature Neuroscience,  June  2011 Rony Paz
   Semester Break  
12/03/2012 No meeting - NYU visit at Weizmann  
19/03/2012 Functional identification of an aggression locus in the mouse hypothalamus. Dayu Lin, Maureen P. Boyle, Piotr Dollar, Hyosang Lee, E. S. Lein, Pietro Perona & David J. Anderson. Nature, February 2011 Michael Yartsev
26/03/2012 Neuron-type-specific signals for reward and punishment in the ventral tegmental area. Jeremiah Y. Cohen, Sebastian Haesler, Linh Vong, Bradford B. Lowell & Naoshige Uchida. Nature, February 2012 Liora Las
02/04/2012 1. GABA Neurons of the VTA Drive Conditioned Place Aversion. Kelly R. Tan, Cédric Yvon, Marc Turiault, Julie J. Mirzabekov, Jana Doehner, Gwenaël Labouèbe, Karl Deisseroth, Kay M. Tye, Christian Lüscher. Neuron, March 2012
2. Activation of VTA GABA Neurons Disrupts Reward Consumption. Ruud van Zessen, Jana L. Phillips, Evgeny A. Budygin, Garret D. Stuber. Neuron, March 2012
David Deutsch
09/04/2012 No meeting - Passover  
16/04/2012 Evoked Axonal Oxytocin Release in the Central Amygdala Attenuates Fear Response. H. Sophie Knobloch, Alexandre Charlet, Lena C. Hoffmann, Marina Eliava, Sergey Khrulev, Ali H. Cetin, Pavel Osten, Martin K. Schwarz, Peter H. Seeburg, Ron Stoop, and Valery Grinevich. Neuron, February 2012 Shiri Ron
23/04/2012 Optogenetic stimulation of a hippocampal engram activates fear memory recall. Xu Liu, Steve Ramirez, Petti T. Pang, Corey B. Puryear, Arvind Govindarajan, Karl Deisseroth & Susumu Tonegawa. Nature, April 2012 Ofer Yizhar
30/04/2012 Glucocorticoids Can Induce PTSD-Like Memory Impairments in Mice. Nadia Kaouane, Yves Porte, Monique Vallée, Laurent Brayda-Bruno, Nicole Mons, Ludovic Calandreau, Aline Marighetto, Pier Vincenzo Piazza, Aline Desmedt. Science, March 2012 Shahak Yariv
07/05/2012 No Meeting - Gilles Laurent visit  
14/05/2012 Multiple dynamic representations in the Motor cortex during sensorimotor learning. D. Huber, D. A. Gutnisky, S. Peron, D. H. O’Connor, J. S. Wiegert, L. Tian, T. G. Oertner, L. L. Looger & K. Svoboda. Nature, April 2012 Yoav Kfir
21/05/2012 Meeting cancelled  
28/05/2012 No Meeting - Dan Schechtman Lecture  
04/06/2012 1. Neural correlates of a magnetic sense. Le-Qing Wu, J. David Dickman. Science, April, 2012
2. Clusters of iron-rich cells in the upper beak of pigeons are macrophages not magnetosensitive neurons. Christoph Daniel Treiber, Marion Claudia Salzer, Johannes Riegler, Nathaniel Edelman, Cristina Sugar, Martin Breuss, Paul Pichler, Herve Cadiou, Martin Saunders, Mark Lythgoe, Jeremy Shaw & David Anthony Keays. Nature, April 2012
Nachum Ulanovsky
18/06/2012 Neural population dynamics during reaching. Mark M. Churchland, John P. Cunningham, Matthew T. Kaufman, Justin D. Foster, Paul Nuyujukian, Stephen I. Ryu & Krishna V. Shenoy. Nature, June 2012 Irit Sella
25/06/2012 Sensorimotor mismatch signals in primary visual cortex of the behaving mouse. Keller GB, Bonhoeffer T, Hübener M. Neuron, June 2012 Jonathan Fritz
02/07/2012 Brain-wide neuronal dynamics during motor adaptation in zebrafish. Misha B. Ahrens, Jennifer M. Li, Michael B. Orger, DrewN. Robson, Alexander F. Schier, Florian Engert & Ruben Portugues. Nature, May 2012 Jean-Marc Fellous

Below is a representative list of suggested articles for presentation in the systems neuroscience journal club (of course other papers are welcome as well):

  • A Gustotopic Map of Taste Qualities in the Mammalian Brain. Xiaoke Chen, Mariano Gabitto, Yueqing Peng, Nicholas J. P. Ryba, Charles S. Zuker. Science, 2 September 2011
  • A disinhibitory microcircuit for associative fear learning in the auditory cortex. Johannes J. Letzkus, Steffen B. E. Wolff, Elisabeth M. M. Meyer, Philip Tovote, Julien Courtin, Cyril Herry & Andreas Lüthi. Nature 480, 331-335, 15 December 2011