Systems Neuroscience Journal Club (2015-2016)

Organizers: Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky, Prof. Rony Paz, Gily Ginosar and Ayelet Sarel

Aim: Our aim is to keep up-to-date with new and exciting papers in Systems Neuroscience, published in high impact journals, with particular emphasis to papers using Neurophysiology, Imaging and Optogenetics methods in vivo.

Participants: The Journal Club welcomes all students, postdocs and faculty members wishing to discuss recent innovative research in the field of Systems Neuroscience.

Where and When: We will be meeting every Monday at 14:00, in the Departmental seminar room (Benoziyo 113) of the Department of Neurobiology.

Below is the list of available dates. Students and faculty members interested in presenting a paper at the Journal Club should send their choice of date to: Gily Ginosar ( or to Ayelet Sarel (

Date Paper Presenter
26.10.15 SfN debrief  

Natural Grouping of Neural Responses Reveals Spatially Segregated Clusters in Prearcuate Cortex. R. Kiani, CJ Cueva, JB Reppas, D Peixoto, SI Ryu, WT Newsome. Neuron, March 2015

Ehud Karpas
23.11.15 Yoav Printz
30.11.15 Rescue of long-term memory after reconsolidation blockade.
Trent S1, Barnes P2, Hall J3, Thomas KL4.
Nature Communications, August 2015
Yadin Dudai

A Large-Scale Circuit Mechanism for Hierarchical Dynamical Processing in the Primate Cortex
Rishidev Chaudhuri1, 2, Kenneth Knoblauch3, 4, Marie-Alice Gariel3, 4, Henry Kennedy3, 4, Xiao-Jing Wang1, 5,

Ella Podvalny

Neural Dynamics of Reaching following Incorrect or Absent Motor Preparation
K. Cora Ames, Stephen I. Ryu, Krishna V. Shenoy

David Ungarish
Tal Golan
11.1.16 Nonlinear dendritic integration of electrical and chemical synaptic inputs drives fine-scale correlations
Stuart Trenholm, Amanda J McLaughlin, David J Schwab, Maxwell H Turner, Robert G Smith, Fred Rieke & Gautam B Awatramani
Nature Neuroscience 2014
Lea Ankri
18.1.16 A Role for Melanopsin in Alpha Retinal Ganglion Cells and Contrast Detection
Tiffany M. Schmidt, Nazia M. Alam, Shan Chen, Paulo Kofuji, Wei Li, Glen T. Prusky & Samer Hattar
Neuron, 2014
Rebekah Warwick
25.1.16 Neural coding in barrel cortex during whisker-guided locomotion
Nicholas JamesSofroniew,Yurii AVlasov,Samuel Andrew Hires,JeremyFreeman,KarelSvoboda
eLife 2015
Eldad Assa
  February 1-March 10, 2016- semester break  
14.3.16   Journal blitz

Distinct Contribution of Adult-Born Hippocampal Granule Cells to Context Encoding
Nathan B. Danielson, Patrick Kaifosh, Jeffrey D. Zaremba, Matthew Lovett-Barron, Joseph Tsai, Christine A. Denny, Elizabeth M. Balough, Alexander R. Goldberg, Liam J. Drew, René Hen, Attila Losonczy, Mazen A. Kheirbek
Neuron, 2016

Yaniv Ziv
11.4.16 Binocular Rivalry: Frontal Activity Relates to Introspection and Action But Not to Perception
Stefan Frässle, Jens Sommer, Andreas Jansen, Marnix Naber  and  Wolfgang Einhäuser
The Journal of Neuroscience, 2014
Rafi Malach
18.4.16 Coordinated forms of noradrenergic plasticity in the locus coeruleus and primary auditory cortex
Ana Raquel O Martins & Robert C Froemke
Nature Neuroscience, 2015
Matthias Prigge
2.5.16 Functional connectome fingerprinting: identifying individuals using patterns of brain connectivity
Emily S Finn, Xilin Shen, Dustin Scheinost, Monica D Rosenberg, Jessica Huang, Marvin M Chun, Xenophon Papademetris & R Todd Constable
Nature Neuroscience, 2015
Hagar Goldberg
9.5.16 Roy Harpaz
23.5.16 A neural network that finds a naturalistic solution for the production of muscle activity Sussillo D, Churchland M, Kaufman M, Shenoy K David Ungarish
30.5.16 Ron Dekel
6.6.16 Selection of head and whisker coordination strategies during goal-oriented active touch
Joseph B. Schroeder, Jason T. Ritt
Journal of Neurophysiology 2016
Guy Nelinger
20.6.16 Principles underlying sensory map topography in primary visual cortex
Jens Kremkow, Jianzhong Jin, Yushi Wang & Jose M. Alonso
Nature, 2016
Nachum Ulanovsky

Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor? E Jonas, K Kording. BioRxiv, 2016

Aia Haruvi