Systems Neuroscience Seminar / Journal Club 2020-2021


Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky, Gily Ginosar and Aharon Ravia


Our aim is to keep up-to-date with new and exciting papers in Systems Neuroscience, published in high impact journals !


The Journal Club welcomes all students, postdocs and faculty members wishing to discuss recent innovative research in the field of Systems Neuroscience.

Where and When

We will meet every Monday at 14:00, using Zoom - an invitation for each meeting will be sent every week by mail.


Below is the list of available dates. Students and faculty members interested in presenting a paper at the Journal Club should send their choice of date to Gily Ginosar ( or to Aharon Ravia (


Date Paper Presenter

Opening of the year gathering:
Science in the age of post-truth
A panel discussion on science in the public eye, science-deniers, social media and more


Breathing is coupled with voluntary action and the cortical readiness potential

Nature Communications, 2020

Michal Andelman-Gur
16.11 No Class - FGS Vacation (Sigd Holiday)  
23.11 Shaked Palgi
30.11 Ben Efron
7.12 Benny Brazowski
14.12 Misha Tsodyks
21.12 David Kenigsberger
28.12 Shani Agron
4.1 Chandamita Saikia
11.1 Virtual SfN  
18.1 Ilan Lampl

Mice in a labyrinth: Rapid learning, sudden insight, and efficient exploration

BioRxiv, 2021

Pritish Patil
  --- Semester Break ---  
22.3 Rita Schmidt
29.3 Passover  
5.4 Yohai Nirenberg
12.4 Rani Barbara
19.4 Daniel Deitch
26.4 Or Ram
3.5 Stephanie Brener
10.5 Alisa Kinzel
17.5 Shavuot  
24.5 Nachum Ulanovsky
31.5 Michal Ramot
7.6 Itay Yona

Inferring brain-wide interactions using data-constrained recurrent neural network models

bioRxiv, 2020

Aharon Ravia

The functional organization of excitatory synaptic input to place cells

Nature Communications, 2021

Noa Sadeh

Hunger or thirst state uncertainty is resolved by outcome evaluation in medial prefrontal cortex to guide decision-making

+ discussion on broader context of decision making and reinforcement learning

Nature Neuroscience, 2021

Yoav Livneh

End of the year gathering

The big questions in light of the journal club
A panel discussion on neuroscientific research