News from the Goldfarb lab


January 2024

Many congratulations to Dr. Manas Seal for receiving the FGS prize for outstanding achievements in postdoctoral research!! Well deserved!

December 2023

A new paper is out featuring Maria Oranges and Angeliki Giannoulis, Congrats!

Using EPR and concurrent techniques to monitor dimerization of hsp90 chaperone. Check it out at: 'C-terminal domain dimerization in yeast Hsp90 is moderately modulated by the other domains'.

A new book from RSC publishing is out, devoted to Integrated Structural Biology! Chapter 3 on EPR approaches was written by Daniella Goldfarb and Alexey Bogdanov, and it contains an introduction to the field of molecular biologists. Check it out:

September 2023

A warm welcome to Elena Edinach who join as a postdoc to our group! We wish her good luck and fruitful research in our dynamic team.

April 2023

Congratulations Ciarán (University of Manchester), Alexey, and Manas for the publication Frequency swept pulses for the enhanced resolution of ENDOR spectra detecting on higher spin transitions of Gd (III) in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance. 

March 2023

Goldfarb group in the RSC ESR conference 2023.

Congratulations Yasmin, for the best poster award for her in-cell EPR work.

Manas had an oral presentation. Maria and Alexey presented a poster. 

Congratulations, Manas, Arina, Alexey, and Wenkai (University of Pittsburg), for the in-cell ENDOR paper "GdIII-19F Distance Measurements for Proteins in Cells by Electron-Nuclear Double Resonance"  in Angewandte Chemie. Fantastic collaboration with Prof. Angela Gronenborn, University of Pittsburg, US.

February 2022

Welcome, Dr. Nino Wili, thanks for the visit. Was great to have you!


December 2022

Welcome, Prof. Ilya Kuprov (University of Southampton) and Prof. Stefan Stoll (University of Washington, Seattle). Thanks for the visit and great discussions.

Our recent work ('Peptide-RNA Coacervates as a Cradle for the Evolution of Folded Domains') is highlighted in Weizmann Wonder Wander. Congratulations, Manas and all the collaborators.

October 2022

Welcome, Prof. Janet Lovett and Elena Mocanu from St. Andrews, Scotland. It was great to have you!

Welcome, Maayan, the youngest member of our group.

July 2022

Welcome, Prof. Olav Schiemann for his visit to the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Congratulations Manas for his article in JACS 'Peptide-RNA Coacervates as a Cradle for the Evolution of Folded Domains'. An exciting collaboration with Prof. Dan Tawfik and Prof. Koby Levy from Weizmann Institute, Prof. Norman Metanis from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and Dr. Liam Longo from Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

June 2022

Welcome, Dr. Alexey Bogdanov from Chemistry Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow for joining the team as a visiting scientist. 

Goldfarb lab rocking at the RSC EPR conference. Enjoy Yasmin and Maria.

April 2022

Angeliki completed her postdoctoral tenure, and congratulations on her new position as a staff scientist in Prof. Lucio Frydman's lab, Weizmann Institute of Science.

Many congratulations to Angeliki, and Yasmin for the exciting review article on 'Characteristics of Gd(III) spin labels for the study of protein conformations' in Methods in Enzymology.

Double congratulations to Thorsten for his two articles 'Substrate binding in the multidrug transporter MdfA in detergent solution and in lipid nanodiscs' in Biophysical Journal and 'The decay of the refocused Hahn echo in DEER experiments' in Magnetic Resonance.

Post-doctoral positions available in the Goldfarb lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science

Hurry up!! two post-doc positions are available in the Goldfarb group. Visit the above link for details.

March 2022

Welcome Mr. Ciarán Rogers from the University of Manchester, for his short-term visit.

August 2020

Welcome, Maria!

Maria Oranges from Bela Bode's group has joined as a postdoc. Congratulations on being part of our dynamic team.

Good news, good news!

Congratulations to Daniella for being elected International EPR Society (IES) Fellow 2020 with David Britt.

Many congratulations also to our Angeliki for receiving the 2020 Albert-Overhauser Award of the GDCh Division of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for her recent article 'Two closed ATP- and ADP-dependent conformations in yeast Hsp90 chaperone detected by Mn(II) EPR spectroscopic techniques'.  It's time for a double celebration.


We are happy to share our new publication in PNAS 'In-cell destabilization of a homodimeric protein complex detected by DEER spectroscopy'.  It highlights the potential of DEER for in-cell study of proteins as well as the complexities of the effects of the cellular milieu on protein structures and stability. Many congratulations to Yin and the team.


We are back to buisness after Corona and Daniella is online with Lewis Kay on 4th June in a lecture series on "Emerging Topics in Biomolecular magnetic Resonance". Don't miss the exciting lecture on Mn(II) DEER to track two closed conformation in yeast HSP90.


Our Thorsten is on the way to be Dr. Thorsten. We are in a celebratory mood.

Congratulations to our Angeliki and team! Her work on HSP90 is in the news. Follow it on ynet and Weizmann Wonder Wander. Cheers!!