Water chemistry on surfaces

Ion solvation

Our lab has a custom-built high-pressure atomic force microscope (HP-AFM) which can probe surfaces in a wide pressure range from UHV to 1 bar. This is an ideal tool for investigating the pressure-dependent solvation of atomically-flat and nano-structured ionic materials such as alkali halides and halide perovskites. The tecnique is multi-functional, namely, it can be used to map the topography while probing a material property, such as the relative work function, surface conductance, frictional properties, etc. It can also be operated in contact, non-contact, and intermitted-contact modes. 


Selected papers:

S. K. Parida, J. S. Lacasa, B. Eren. Restructuring of the Nanostructured KBr Surface in the Presence of Water, Methanol, and Ethanol vapors. J. Phys. Chem. C. 2022, 126, 13433–13340


Water adsorption on reducible oxides



Alcohol-water interactions