Available Positions

This is a new experimental group, combining a mixture of quantum optics, cryogenics, programming, microwave engineering and scanning probe microscopy into a unique and fascinating laboratory apparatus.

We are currently in the final design stages of a modern, state-of-the-art lab, featuring two combined scanning probe/confocal microscopes, one operating at room temperature and the other at a temperature of 4.2 Kelvin, and will very shortly commence the build-up phase.

We are looking for people with a burning desire to construct and experiment, wishing to practice and hone their skills and with eagerness to constantly test the limits of sensing.

Below you can find the available positions in the group. Even if you do not see a relevant post, I encourage you to contact me for further inquiries.

Single-molecule magnetic resonance using a single spin qubit

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

You will construct a scanning probe microscope combining a confocal fluorescence module and an atomic force module, using the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond as a quantum sensor for chemical physics applications, e.g., performing magnetic resonance imaging on molecules.

Prior experience in scanning probe microscopy will be of great benefit. If you pursued your PhD in an STM or AFM group and had hands-on experience with building such a device, this project will be even more appealing!

Experience in optics and microwave propagation will be advantageous but not necessary.