Active Microtubule Nematics and Gels

Microtubule-based active gels display persistent, continuous flows and diverse, active behaviors. These offer a stable platform to study the time evolution of locally driven flows and self-assembly of macroscale structures through molecular interactions.

DNA-based Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation

We use DNA nanotechnology to engineer multi-arm molecules capable of forming liquid phase separation. The unique control over DNA molecules, the structure of the molecules, and the forming sequence offer unprecedented reach over parameter space.

Phase Transitions Far From Thermodynamical Equilibrium

We study the phase transitions of soft materials in non-equilibrium environments, looking for new critical parameters that define these systems’ properties and tunable behaviors. Specifically, we investigate the role energy consumption plays in comparison to well-studied passive analogs.

Feedback In Active Systems

To address the challenge of designing autonomous responsive materials, we aim to implement self-regulation mechanisms in reconstituted systems.