Getting Started

To get an account you have to send an email containing your full name, username at Weizmann, and the group you belong to.

Do not forget to change the initial password using passwd command.


Access to Chemfarm is allowed via ssh protocol only. To login from Linux or Mac OS open a terminal and type:

ssh -X


ssh -X


ssh -X

To access from Windows you have to use ssh client for Windows. There is a variety of such clients. The most recommended are Mobaxterm and Putty. Putty does not have internal X windows emulator, therefore you have to get Xming in order to use graphics with it.


After login user enters the home directory. Uploading and downloading files to and from your home directory is allowed using scp or sftp protocols. You can use Mobaxterm or WinSCP when working on Windows. The data transfer should be initiated from your local machine.


The operating system on Chemfarm is Linux; therefore you must have some knowledge of command line. Here is a useful tutorial.


Chemfarm is a public computing resource. As such running your application from the command line is strictly forbidden. You are obliged to use Portable Batch System (PBS). The preferred way of doing so is using a submission script. A simple example can be be downloaded here. Modify this sample script to your needs (see User Guide section for the details) and type in the command line:

[user@login01 ~]$ qsub my_script

and wait for the results.