Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Yohai Kaspi

Understanding the diversity of planetary atmospheres inside and outside of the Solar System. Focus areas include Earth’s atmospheric dynamics and climate change, vortex and storm dynamics, gas planets' atmosphere/interior dynamics, probing planetary atmospheres by spacecraft radio-science measurements and atmospheres of extrasolar planets.

Planetary Physics

Prof. Oded Aharonson

Investigating the formation, evolution, and dynamics of planets and moons. Searching for ice in the Solar System and exoplanets beyond.

Theoretical Biological Physics

Prof. Nir Gov

Developing theoretical models for cell motility, collective cell migration and collective behavior of animal groups.

Non-Equilibrium Continuum Physics

Prof. Eran Bouchbinder

We are a theoretical physics group focusing on various non-equilibrium problems in condensed-matter physics, materials physics and biophysics from a continuum perspective. We use a variety of theoretical and computational tools, along with close interactions with experimental groups.

Computational Quantum Chemistry And More

Prof. Jan M.L. (Gershom) Martin

Computational quantum chemistry: highly accurate wave function ab initio benchmarks; development of novel DFT functionals; applications to mechanistic and supramolecular chemistry.

Computational Chemical Biology

Dr. Nir London

Developing and applying computational and experimental methods to design and discover new compounds for applications in chemical biology and drug discovery.

Quantum Theory Of Materials

Prof. Leeor Kronik

Our group's research is focused on understanding unique properties and behavior of materials and interfaces, using first principles quantum mechanical calculations based mostly on density functional theory and many-body perturbation theory.

Computational Chemistry Unit

Dr. Mark Iron

The Computational Chemistry Unit provides computational support for all experimental groups at the Weizmann Institute and at other universities in Israel. Research in the Unit includes questions in all fields of chemistry. Past projects have involved looking at reaction mechanisms and understanding the properties of molecules. Please contact me if you are interested in incorporating computations into your research projects.