“A diatomic molecule is a molecule with one atom too many.” This famous quote by the Nobel laureate, Arthur Schawlow, illustrates what most of us feel when encountering molecular physics for the first time. It is now the time to conquer this fear and bring molecules to the forefront of quantum technologies! MoleQuLab (Molecular-Qubits Lab) aims to apply advanced quantum-control methods to molecules to allow exciting and new research directions not possible with atoms or other quantum hardware.

Molecules are interesting due to their rotations, vibrations, and different isomers, which open new research directions in quantum information, precision measurements, tests of new physics, and more. Unfortunately, these additional degrees of freedom make molecules very hard to control. We use quantum logic, a technique used in quantum computers and optical atomic clocks, to control and probe the quantum state of the molecule. By that, we will create MoleQubits - qubits encoded in molecules and MoleQuClocks - clocks based on vibrations of molecules. 

We are currently looking for talented MSc and PhD students and postdoc fellows to join our team.