Quantum Computing and Metrology

Trapped-ions are a leading technology in quantum information studies. We have implemented in our lab a small scale quantum computer on an array of trapped ions. In our research we focus on active ways to prevserve coherence of quantum superpositions under noise, such as dynamic decupling, the use of decoherence free subspaces or quantum error-correction codes. We further investigate how the long coherence times obtained can be used to advance precision metrology.

Ultracold Atom-Ion Interactions

We are investigating a co-trapped mixture of laser cooled neutral and ionic atoms and the study of ultracold atom-ion interactions. The monopole-dipole polarization potential leads to elastic scattering as well as in-elastic collisions and molecular binding. Starting from a ground-state cooled ion and atoms in the micro-Kelvin temperature range we investigate the non-thermal energy distributions that are generated byt he interaction adn the dynamics of the ino internal degrees of freedm such as electron spin or optical clock levels under ultracold collisions.