Welcome to the Weizmann trapped-ions lab!

Our group studies quantum physics using ultra cold trapped ions.
When we say cold we mean very cold, as cold as it gets.

We laser-cool our ions to a temperature of a few µK (a millionth of a degree above absolute zero!), where they can only occupy the ground-state of their trapping potential.

Our ions are highly localized and well isolated from the noisy lab environment. In fact, the only way we can investigate our ions is by using laser light. Under these conditions, the laws that govern ion dynamics are those of quantum mechanics.

Our group has two primary experiments.
In the first we study trapped ions as quantum information carriers and quantum sensors. In the second we study ultra-cold ion-atom mixtures and interactions.

Our group is part of AMOS: the The Atomic, Molecular and Opsical Sciences group a the Weizmann Institute