AMOS @ Weizmann

Supported by the Crown and Deloro centers,
AMOS covers a wide range of research interests with a tradition of excellence.

AMOS @ Weizmann

AMOS encompasses the research in atomic, molecular,
and optical science at the Weizmann Institute of Science.



AMOS offers multiple PhD and postdoc positions, as well as a visiting scientists program.
Find out the details in the website and join us!



What's new?

Optimal control of an optical quantum memory based on noble-gas spins

Katz O., Shaham R., Reches E., Gorshkov A. V. & Firstenberg O.
source: | arXiv

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Phase-locked laser-wakefield electron acceleration

Caizergues C., Smartsev S., Malka V. & Thaury C.
source: | Nature Photonics

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Congratulations to Prof. Victor Armand Malka

Recipient of a Humboldt Research Award by Max-Planck-Institut fur Neurobiology

Core Facilities at the Weizmann Institute

The Weizmann Institute has a large number of core facilities where cutting-edge instrumentation as well as world-class knowledge is gathered. Headed by top-tier staff scientists, they are open to every scientist on campus. 
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Passing of Prof. Yaron Silberberg

We mourn the passing of our dear friend Prof. Yaron Silberberg

Introducing Dr. Ephraim Shahmoon

Physics at the quantum level—extremely small particles like atoms and photons—is poised to influence our lives in a big way.
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Congratulations to Dr. Ofer Firstenberg

Awarded the Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research

Congratulations to Prof. Victor Armand Malka

Awarded the Alfven Prize from European Physical Society (EPS) (Jointly with Prof. Toshiki Tajima)

The science of small

It’s just a matter of time before quantum particles change our lives.
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Congratulations to Prof. Roee Ozeri

The Rosa and Emilio Segre Research Award

Scallop secrets revealed

The sea creature's eye contains a dual-action mirror that bears a striking resemblance to the curved, segmented mirrors of reflecting telescopes.
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Congratulations to Prof. Asher Friesem

Recipient of the Emmett N. Leith Medal from the Optical Society (OSA)

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