In the Quantum Circuits Group, we are developing the next generation of superconducting qubits for future quantum computers.

We are realizing new ways to reverse the effects of decoherence – the uncontrolled entanglement of qubits with their surroundings.

Our lab is exploring new frontiers in quantum information science. If you want to join us on this journey, contact Serge.




  • Dr. Lalit Joshi joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow. Lalit will develop quantum-limited amplifiers based on SNAILs. Welcome to the group Lalit and good luck!


  • Danielle Gov joins the group as a M.Sc. student. Welcome Danielle and good luck!


  • Nitzan Kahn joins the group as a Ph.D. student. Nitzan will work on the development and improvement of superconducting cavities. Good luck Nitzan! Great to have you aboard!
  • Guy Koren joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow. Guy will develop a superconducting multi-qubit quantum processor. Welcome to the group Guy and good luck!


  • Congratulations to Ofir Milul for completing his M.Sc.! Ofir will stay with us to work on his Ph.D. studying quantum error correction for bosonic qubits. Good luck Ofir!  


  • Congratulations to Uri Goldblatt for completing his M.Sc.! Uri will remain in the group for his Ph.D. work on bosonic error mitigation based on real-time feedback. Good luck Uri!