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In the Quantum Circuits Group, we are developing the next generation of superconducting qubits for future quantum computers.

Our research focuses on reversing the effects of decoherence – a major challenge in quantum computing caused by information loss.

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Selected Publications

Recovering quantum coherence of a cavity qubit through environment monitoring and active feedback

Goldblatt U., Kahn N., Hazanov S., Milul O., Guttel B., Joshi L. M., Chausovsky D., Lafont F. & Rosenblum S. (2024)

Superconducting Cavity Qubit with Tens of Milliseconds Single-Photon Coherence Time

Milul O., Guttel B., Goldblatt U., Hazanov S., Joshi L. M., Chausovsky D., Kahn N., Çiftyürek E., Lafont F. & Rosenblum S. (2023) PRX Quantum. 4, 3, 030336.
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