In recent years, the quantum physics landscape has been reshaped by the emergence of diverse artificial quantum optical systems. In these systems, photons interact with multiple emitters—be it atoms, superconducting qubits, solid-state defects, or quantum dots. An intriguing aspect of these interactions is the reabsorption of emitted photons by remote emitters, initiating a photon-mediated coupling across significant distances. This long-range, collective coupling introduces unique properties to atom-photon systems, a fascinating field that continues to intrigue researchers.

We study theoretically various phenomena found within arrays of photon emitters, including both natural and artificial atoms, lasers, and particularly within topologically complex lattices. Our mission is two-fold: to advance the fundamental understanding of intricate quantum systems from the perspectives of quantum optics, nonlinear and many-body physics, and to provide a solid theoretical foundation for the development of emerging quantum technologies. We actively collaborate with experimental groups both at Weizmann and across the globe.