Talks at Seminars and Lectures

Routing classical and quantum light by time modulation, Light-Matter Interaction Seminar, Tel Aviv University, Jan 10, 2024 slides

Mesoscopic non-Hermitian skin effect , Низкоразмерный семинар, 2024, онлайн video in Russian slides in English

Waveguide quantum electrodynamics (in Russian), Коллоквиум по физике конденсированного состояния, 2023, онлайн video

Subradiant states in waveguide quantum electrodynamics,
WE-Heraeus-Seminar, “Quantum Control of Light” , (Bad Honnef, Germany, 2023), slides

Two-body problem in WQED. From localization to chaos,
WQED–20, second workshop on waveguide QED (2021, online), video

Waveguide QED: non-Markovian subradiance and interaction-induced quantum chaos
( Theoretical Seminar at The Department of Physics & Engineering, ITMO University, 2020) video

Resonant optomechanics of semiconductor nanostructures, Moscow State University Condensed Matter Seminar, 2019 (in Russian) video

Magneto-toroidal nonreciprocity of second harmonic generation, Optical seminar at the ITMO University, 2020, video

Quantum Hall phase emerging in an array of atoms interacting with photons ( Theoretical Seminar at The Department of Physics & Engineering, ITMO University, 2020), video

Multipolar light scattering on trembling particles. Lecture on Metanano Summer School (2020) video

Part of lectures on classical electrodynamics for undergrads at the St. Petersburg Academic University in 2020/2021 (in Russian, Электродинамика сплошных сред), videos

Lecture on optomechanics with squeezed light for undergrads at the ITMO University, (in Russian, Сжатый свет для оптомеханики), video