Physics in Photonic Lattices

We use specially designed photonic structures - usually arrays of optical waveguiges - to study the physics of periodic and disordered systems. Optical nonlinearities are used to study interacrting systems; working with single photons enable us to study the quantum properties of these systems.

Coherent Control

We study coherent quantom control of multiphoton process using shaped femtosecond pulses. We have demonstrated how certain nonlinear processes can be attenuated, enhanced or selectively excited using coherent control techniques, We investigate the application of these ideas to nonlinear spectroscopy.

Quantum Optics

We are interested in light that has special quantum properties. We study the generation of special quantum states of light and nonlinear interactions with such fields. We have shown that we can temporally shape single photons and we have generated schrodinger cat's state of photons and apply them in imaging and spectroscopy.

Nonlinear Microscopy

We are studying new modalities of optical microscopy based on interaction of matter with short intense optical pulses. These techniques in general offer optical sectioning and live imaging without the need for labeling or fixing the specimens.