Open positions for Ph. D. Students and Post-Doc. Researchers.

Highly motivated students are welcome to contact Prof. Moty Heiblum.


Studying exotic states in the FQHE regime

We plan to concentrate on interference, shot noise in charge and neutral modes, and thermal noise in heat transport, which is sensitive to all particles, charged and neutral. We concentrate mainly on studies in the FQHE regime in extremely high purity GaAs heterostructures. We developed a method to control the properties of the edge modes by interfacing two quantum states and using the born interface modes (at the junction between the states). These modes can be free of edge reconstruction (and thus, free of neutral modes) and thus help build novel interferometers (integer and fractional), which allow braiding. Exotic fractional states, abelian and non-abelian (e.g., 5/2 and 12/5) will be studied with different techniques to verify their topological order.

We have four dilution fridges (5-25mK) and well-equipped clean rooms, allowing fabricating and studying complex structures.