• Omer Sidis, M.Sc. student, with Y. Oreg, finishing.
  • Yuval Simons, M.Sc. student, just finished.
  • JianHua Jiang, Postdoctoral fellow
  • Yasmine Meroz, Postdoctoral fellow, with Y. Oreg, from September 2011

Ph.D. Students whose studies are finished, for whom YI was a principal advisor

There have also been about 20 students for whom YI was a secondary advisor and about 30 M.Sc. students.

  1. B.  Gavish (Alon fellowship): Static and dynamic structure factors of extremely anisotropic crystals, 1975
  2. M. Schwartz: Interacting Bose systems, 1977
  3. E. Ben-Jacob (Weizmann and Alon fellowships): The dynamics of coupled Josephson junctions in the presence of thermal fluctuations, with special distinction, 1982
  4. Y. Porat (with Prof. A. Aharony): Dielectric properties of PZT ceramics under shock waves, 1984
  5. Y. Gefen (Weizmann and Alon fellowships, with Prof. A. Aharony): Critical phenomena and anomalous transport in random and self-similar structures, with special distinction, 1984
  6. U. Sivan (Weizmann fellowship): Electrical and Optical Properties of Disordered Systems, with special distinction, 1988
  7. A. Stern (Harvard Society of  Fellows): Interference and dephasing in mesoscopic systems, with special distinction, 1992
  8. N. Argaman (Freed), (Fullbright fellowship), with Prof. U. Smilansky: Applications of the Semiclassical Approximation in Mesoscopic Systems, 1994
  9. M. Schechter (with Y. Levinson), Thermodynamic properties of a small superconducting grain and reflectionless tunneling in normal-metal--superconductor junctions, 2001
  10. U. Gavish, Current noise in mesoscopic systems, 2003
  11. A. Amir (Harvard Society of Fellows) with Y. Oreg: Slow relaxation and aging in electron glasses, 2010
  12. H. Bary-Soroker, with E. Altman and O. Entin-Wohlman: Effect of Pair-Breaking on Mesoscopic Normal Persistent Currents, 2011

About half of the above have faculty positions in good universities. Uri Sivan and Amir Yacoby, (who did an outstanding theoretical MSc work) became distinguished experimentalists. All the others have research positions in government or industry.

Postdoctoral fellows

  • Ora Entin-Wohlman, (with D Bergman), 1971-75
  • Claudio Hartsztein, 1985-8