In my research I lately was interested in tunneling in hot many body superfluid systems.

Earlier I worked on  photonic crystals and the use of methods of quantum scattering to describe resonance scattering off photonic slabs. In particular I worked on:

1. Variational approach to tunneling dynamics of hot many body systems.

2. Optical Feshbach resonances close to the continuum of radiating modes.

3. Resonance scattering off and inside 2 and 3 dim photonic crystal slab. 

4. Path integral Monte Carlo method for light propagations in photonic crystals.


I am presently spending much time teaching and developing teaching units for high school physics teachers. Among them are:

  1.  From Waves to Rays – understanding the connection between the waves and rays description of light and other types of wave phenomena. Using this to enrich the  teaching of the standard high school topics like refraction-reflection and lens to bring the students to understand modern concepts like fiber optics and lasers.
  2. From waves to photons – developing the physical and intuitive understanding of the description of the standard wave phenomena like refraction-reflection or interference in the language of photons.  In depth discussion of the black body radiation, the ultra-violet catastrophe and how the Plank-Einstein photonic hypothesis solved it 
  3. From Waves to Rays to Classical Trajectories and Back to Quantum Waves – developing and using the understanding of the relation between waves and rays to “derive” the quantum mechanical description starting with classical trajectories.
  4. Why and How Physics Uses Vectors and Why Einstein’s Relativity “turned” our world from three to four dimensional.