The following research directions were explored in my group during the past year:

Qubit coherent control with squeezed light fields

Quantum control fields that operate on a qubit in a single quantum gatemay become entangled with the qubit and thus contribute to the gate error. We have investigated the possible advantage of the use of squeezed light forqubit coherent control and compared it with the more standard coherent lightcontrol field.

Coherent optical control of correlation waves of spins in semiconductors

We have calculated the dynamical fluctuation spectrum of electronic spinsin a semiconductor under a steady-state illumination of light containing po-larization squeezing correlations. In this externally driven system we foundthat the contribution which is fourth order in the optical field is sensitive tothe squeezing phase of the light.

Edge states and excitations in the Quantum Hall Effect

Quantum Hall Effect is a striking new phenomenondiscovered some 15 years ago. It occursin artificially prepared conductors in which electrons canmove only in a plane. When put in a strong magnetic field the electroncurrent flows perpedicular to applied voltage and the voltage tocurrent ratio is to an incredible accuracy equal to an integer number of units of quantum resistance.

Quantum Chaos and Interactions in Disordered Quantum Dots

One of the most exciting aspectsof the quantum condensed matter physics is the interplay between interactions and disorder. Electrons placed in very small disordered cavities (called quantum dots) exhibit unusual phenomenon called Quantum Chaos. Their energy levels are expected to be distributed not completely randomly but according to special rules called Wigner-Dyson Statistics.

Other Interests

Other interests include non-perturbative methods in Quantum Chromodynamics; random colormagnetic fields; matrix models with free random variables; variational methods with free random variables - Fock space formulation.