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Scanning probe microscopy of quantum and topological states of matter

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Study of quantum and topological states of matter using novel scanning probe microscopy tools. We have recently developed a nano-SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) that resides on a very sharp tip and allows imaging of local magnetic fields with single electron spin sensitivity and of current flow patterns. This device provides also a unique tool for cryogenic thermal imaging with 1 ?µK sensitivity and scanning gate microscopy allowing imaging electron scattering and dissipation mechanisms on the nanoscale. The project will focus on utilizing these novel techniques for microscopic investigation of topological and quantum states of matter including investigation of local topology, superconductivity, magnetism, strongly correlated electronic states, and dissipation in graphene, moiré superlattices, and van der Waals heterostructures.