Group Members

Prof. Ronen Alon

Prof. Ronen Alon

The Linda Jacobs Professorial Chair in Immune and Stem Cell Research
Principal Investigator
Wolfson Building for Biological Research



Tagest Aycheck

Postdoctoral studies, 2013-2014

Sagi Barzilai

PhD studies, 2011-2016

Shmuel Cohen

Postdoctoral studies, 2011-2013

Ayelet Zauberman

Sabbatical, 2011-2012

Liat Stoler-Barak

PhD studies, 2010-2015

Sigal Nakav

Postdoctoral studies, 2010-2012

Tal Ilani

Postdoctoral studies, 2008-2009

Erez Geron

M.Sc. studies, 2007-200

Tanja Hartmann

Postdoctoral studies, 2006-2008

Adi Sagiv

M.Sc. studies, 2006-2008

Eilon Woolf

Postdoctoral studies, 2005-2007

Noam Erez

Postdoctoral studies, 2005

Ronit Pasvolsky

PhD studies, 2005-2010

Ziv Shulman

MSc. studies, 2003-2005; PhD studies, 2005-2010

Eugenia Manevich

MSc. studies, 2003-2005, PhD studies, 2005-2010

Revital Shamri

PhD and post doctoral studies, 2000-2005

Guy Cinamon

PhD studies, 1998-2003

Eitan Winter

MSc. studies, 1998-1999

Valentin Grabovsky

Postdoctoral studies, 1998-2000 Deceased

Susanne Franitza

PhD studies, 1997-2002

Oren Dwir

PhD and post doctoral studies, 1997-2003