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Development of novel electromechanically active materials for bio-compatible MEMS. Solid State Chemotronic devices operating at room temperature (devices changing a certain property due to change in composition induced by electric field)

Sunday, September 19, 2021
  1. Novel materials and methods for electromechanical coupling in solids. Piezoelectric thin films. Development of non-classical electrostrictors as ceramics and thin films. Electro-Chemo-X effects (X=mechanical, electrical, magnetic i.e. Solid State Chempotronics) and micro-devices based on these effects. Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) based on non-classical electrostrictors: actuators, switches, memory devices, micro-pumps, tunable capacitors and inductors.
  2. Pre-requisites: common sense (if available) basics knowledge in either of these fields: materials science/chemical engineering/inorganic chemistry/applied physics. One the fields is enough. The rest can be learnt on the fly
  3. Skills to master: microfabrication and MEMS, materials engineering design, basic of electrical characterization (low fields and high fields), structural characterization techniques, basics of device reliability assessment.
  4. Type of work for a Ph.D. project. 

Version (1): Developing a material or a device capable of performing a specific task (materials science + engineering+ MEMS); Version (2): Basic material, thin film of ceramics, development and characterization of structure-composition-properties relations (solid state chemistry + materials engineering). Includes: preparation (usually known) and characterization of a specific property correlating it with the composition and preparation method.