Manual Ellipsometer

Ellipsomety is a precise and powerful optical technique for the investigation of the  properties of thin films. It exploits the fact that a pollarization vector of the polarized light is changed by the dielectric material. The name "ellipsometry" stems from the fact that the most general state of polarization is elliptic. Usually ellipsometry is used to measure the thickness and refractive index of transparent film deposited on the reflrecting surface.

The main advantages of our manual ellipsometer are that the measurements of polarizer-analyzer angles are made manually with high accuracy and the data analysis does not require precalculated computer model. These advantages enable to measure complicated multy-layers with high precision.

    Fig 1

   Fig 1. Illustration of a thin fiilm ellipsometer by Rudolph Research company. 


                                    Fig 2


    Fig 2.  Schematic setup of an ellipsometry experiment.