The Data Science Center supports several collaborative projects, both within Weizmann as well as in collaboration with PIs at other universities and with public health organizations in Israel.

Here are some of the projects (partially) funded by the Center: 

Researcher's Name

Project Title


Alexandron Giora Educational Data Science for Personalized Learning in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Science Teaching
Barkai Naama and Eldar Yonina Using Machine Learning to Decipher the IDR-DNA Recognition Code Molecular Genetics
Moses Elisha and Harel David Mining speech for speaker intentions as encoded in prosody Physics of Complex Systems
Nadler Boaz Intention in Causal Models Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Ofek Eran Translient - A novel sufficient statistics for translational transient detection Particle Physics and Astrophysics
Pilpel Yitzhak Mining the largest dataset on sexual mating preference and fitness inheritance Molecular Genetics
Rothblum Guy Multi-Group Fairness in Medical Prediction Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Scherz-Shouval Ruth Developing segmentation tools for spatial dissection of stroma-immune interactions in inflammation and cancer Biomolecular Sciences
Segal Eran Using transfer learning to generate metabolic representations of health and disease Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Stelzer Yonatan and Tanay Amos Spatio-temporal manifold models of single cells in tissues: Algorithms and improved experimental designs Molecular Cell Biology