Volumes in High Dimensions


נפחים בממדים גבוהים 
Spring semester, 2014

Bo'az Klartag 
Room 229, Schreiber building
Phone: 03-6406957 

Wednesday, 10-13, Ornstein 111 

The concentration phenomenon on the high-dimensional sphere and the high-dimensional cube. Approximately Gaussian Marginals and the "thin shell" theorem of Sudakov/Diaconis-Freedman. Log-concavity and Thin Shell estimates, the Prekopa-Leindler inequality, Poincare inequalities through the Bochner technique. The isotropic constant, proof of the Bourgain-Milman inequality. 

Real Analysis, Introduction to Hilbert Spaces, Probability (for Mathematicians or for Sciences) 

Final grade
The formal assignments are: 

Solve and submit these exercises. My plan is to add exercises every week or so during the semester. 

Related literature

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Here is a proof that the level sets of the distance function are null sets (which is not needed for the isoperimetric inequality, but still good to know).