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YouTube Video of Prof. Ehud Shaprio by a16z crypto from Oct ‘22

Introducing the blocklace, a partially ordered generalization of the totally ordered blockchain. In this presentation, Ehud Shapiro (Weizmann Institute of Science) shows how the blocklace can realize all algorithmic tasks required for ordering consensus: dissemination, equivocation-exclusion, and ordering. These capabilities are integrated in Cordial Miners - a family of efficient Byzantine Atomic Broadcast (permissioned blockchain consensus) protocols, with optimal instances for the models of asynchrony and eventual synchrony. Their efficiency - almost half the latency of state-of-the-art DAG-based protocols - stems from their use of the blocklace not only for ordering, as DAG-based protocols do, but also for dissemination and equivocation exclusion.


For more, see these three papers: