Lab art


Electron micrograph of Bacillus subtilis biofilm magnified X6400 falsely colored with Photoshop

Electron micrograph of Bacillus subtilis biofilm magnified X400 falsely colored with Photoshop


Collage of two images of Bacillus subtilis biofilms. The "eye" is an electron micrograph X1600 and the "pupil" is a stereo microscope image X7.5. Winner of "Beauty of Science" contest in the Molecular Genetics Department 2016. lllustration of bacterial cell-extracellular matrix interactions leading to activation of signaling cascades. Published in "Atlas of Science" (link)                                                                                                                              


Selected images from The Israeli pavilion in The 15th International Architecture Biennale Venice 2016. Fixated Bacillus subtilis biofilms were exhibited in "breathing cells" that react to the visitor's presence, camouflaged within knitted twigs.

Supporting our group from Ort Dekel Vilna'i High School in Ramon Spacelab in 2019 Finale. Fingers crossed to send our biofilms into space.