RNA viruses including corona, zika and dengue are a major threat to human health. We study how RNA viruses interact with their host cells and transform them into viral manufactories. Our main model is enteroviruses, common viral pathogens, that cause severe medical complications in humans. We tackle key questions including: How enteroviruses that express only a handful of proteins take control of human cells with complex protein machineries? How enteroviruses hijack host organelles and repurpose them into a makeshift virus factory? We aim to piece together the complete program of enterovirus replication. This could lead to the development of effective antivirals, for a broad spectrum of RNA viruses.

We use diverse approaches to solve the virus puzzle, including state-of-the-art microscopy (confocal, high-resolution and electron microscopy), molecular, cell biology and biochemical approaches, virus assays and more.

We are looking for talented and highly motivated postdocs, PhD and MSc students to  join our team. Interested? please contact Orly